Summer Village of Silver Sands
Box 8, Alberta Beach, AB, T0E 0A0  Office Location: 4808-51 Street Onoway, AB
P:587-873-5765 F:780-967-0431


Summer Village Information

Next Council Meeting

Regular Council Meetings are held at Fallis Hall (RR52 and Hwy 16).  The next regular Council meeting(s) has been scheduled for:

-Friday, February 24, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. at the Fallis Hall

-Friday, March 31, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. at the Fallis Hall

Effective May 20, 2016 - The Fire Ban in the Summer Village of Silver Sands has been lifted.
Please be advised that 'open' fires are NOT allowed. Only fires within fire pits are permissible.

Please continue to ensure you take care and caution when having a fire and be sure your fire is completely out when unattended.

The Summer Village will post 'Fire Ban in Effect' signs when there is a full fire ban in effect.  This means no open fires and no fireworks.  The Summer Village will be under a total fire ban when there is a Provincial Fire Ban in place.

For all other Provincial Fire Ban Information please visit the following website:

Summer Village Information

The Summer Village of Silver Sands was incorporated on January 1st, 1969 and spans a land area of 2.35 square kilometers. The Summer Village is located on the shores of Lake Isle. The 2012 Population is 154 according to the Municipal Census conducted in May of 2012.  Silver Sands has a 3-member Council whose term currently runs until 2017.

Commission Memberships
The Summer Village of Silver Sands is a member of the following commissions:
-Highway 43 East Waste
-Darwell Lagoon
-Capital Region Assessment Services

Peace Officer/Bylaw Enforcement/Animal Control New Complaint Line
The Summer Village has entered into an agreement with Town of Mayerthorpe for Peace Officer Services.  Residents are to call the Complaint Line directly for Peace Officer / Bylaw Enforcement and Animal Control Services.

Complaint Line - 1-844-786-4650 or 1-780-786-4650
Complaint Email -
Contact - Peace Officer, Dwight Dawn

General Contact Information
C.A.O. / General Admin


Development Officer, Tony Sonnleitner

Building/Gas/Electrical/Plumbing Permits 
Superior Safety Codes 

Waste Provider - GFL Inc. 
Note:  Please contact the Summer Village Admin office if you require a repair or replacement of your waste container 
at 587-873-5765.

Call Before you Dig

R.C.M.P Drug Tip Line

Animal Control / Bylaw Enforcement / Peace Officer
1-844-786-4650 or 1-780-786-4650

Emergency - Police/Fire/Ambulance

Alberta Environment Hotline

General Area Information

Silver Sands Golf Resort
The Silver Sands Golf Resort features 18 holes in the picturesque rolling parkland of the Summer Village of Silver Sands on Lake Isle.  The front nine resembles a typical rural layout with beautiful white silica sand bunkers.  The back 9 layout is more challenging with many eye pleasing views with one of the hardest par 5's in Alberta, but don't let it scare you!  The greens are always in great shape and a treat to play on.  The Roberts family, as new owners, are excited to welcome you to come and play an affordable round of golf at their course.  They also offer a discount for local residents and have weekday specials.  For more information, visit their website at:

Lac Ste. Anne & Lake Isle Water Quality Management Society (LILSA) (click to visit website)

Lake Isle Aquatic Management Society (L.I.A.M.S.) (click to visit website)

Lac Ste. Anne County (click to view website)
A wide range of recreational facilities are available in the County. Some of the facilities include ice arenas, riding arenas, baseball diamonds, creative playgrounds, cross country ski trails, snowmobile trails, just to name a few. You will also find many lakes and rivers suitable for fishing, swimming, boating and great for camping!

Darwell (click to visit website)
Located east of South View on highway 633, offers a library, seniors apartments, school, fire hall, Sunday farmers market (March through December) and the Darwell trading post which offers groceries, gas, post office, restaurant and lounge.

Alberta Beach (click to visit website)
Alberta Beach is located east of South View on highway 633 and offers numerous services such as groceries, nice public beach, restaurant, gas, museum, laundromat, churches and car wash.

Onoway (click to visit website)
Located east of South View on highway 633 to highway 43 then north on 43 is the Town of Onoway. Other services available are a medical and dental clinic, drug and grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, automotive and tire shops, lumberyard, flower shop, library, post office, banks (Treasury Branch and CIBC), schools, arena, and veterinary clinic.

Seba Beach (click to visit website)
Offers a summer Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, grocery store, good public beach, restaurants, school, churches, curling, golf course, campground and Senior’s Center with second hand store.

Wabamun (click to visit website)
Offers a wide variety of stores, including a drug store, bus stop, library, marina, Credit Union, Treasury Branch, Sears Catalogue outlet, golf courses, bowling alley, a Provincial Park and churches.

Evansburg (click to visit website)
Located west of South View on highway 16 offering a wide variety of stores and services including a medical clinic, drug store, lumber yard, clothing store, Royal Bank, churches, bakery and grocery store.

Yellowhead Rural Crime Watch (click to read more)

News & Updates

Use of Municipal Reserves

What are the Summer Village municipal reserve areas intended for?
 reserve areas are intended to provide active or passive park and recreation areas
 reserve areas are intended to provide walking trails and enjoyment of the natural plant and wild life for residents and their guests

What are the Summer Village municipal reserves NOT intended for?
× reserve areas are not to be “annexed” into properties adjacent to them 
× reserve areas are not to be cleared unless Council determines that areas need to be cleared of dangerous undergrowth or decayed trees
× reserve areas are not to be used for the purpose of placing buildings or structures or extra storage of material or disposal of refuse without written authorization from Council
× reserve areas are not to be used for the storage of boat lifts or boat docks
× reserve areas are not for camping or recreational fires of any kind 
The Summer Village will strictly enforce the use of the Municipal Reserve areas.  Your cooperation in ensuring these rules and regulations are followed is required in accordance with 
Summer Village Bylaw #107 – Use of Public Lands.

Residents in Need of Transportation to Appointments
If you are a resident of the Summer Village and would like to volunteer to drive or require transportation to appointments, please contact Barbara Enders at 780-797-2440.   Barbara will be coordinating names and numbers of volunteer drivers and matching them with those residents in need of transportation.

Waste Collection Reminder - Bi-Weekly Pickup Begins November 8, 2016
Waste Collection will go to bi-weekly pickup for the winter.   The last weekly pick up was November 1, 2016.  The next pick up will be November 8, 2016 and every second Tuesday until the end of April 2017.
Print your 2017 Waste Pick Up Schedule Here

Summer Village Compost Site - Now Open!

The Summer Village Compost site is located at the Public Works Quonset site.  Hours of operation are Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.   The site currently accepts leaves and grass clippings.

Love Your Lake Website
This website has tips on how to maintain a shoreline buffer, how to prevent erosion, know which docks are the most environmentally friendly or something else that’s impacting your shoreline and lake.  Click here.

A bear has been spotted in the Summer Village.  See bear encounter tips below.

The best method to avoid bear encounters

  • Remain alert.
  • Shouting regularly or singing loudly is far more effective than using bear bells.
  • Keep your ears open. Do no wear earphones while on trails.
  • Watch for fresh bear signs. Tracks, scat and digs indicate that a bear has been in the area. Leave the area if the signs are fresh or if you encounter carrion.
  • Travel in groups and during daylight whenever possible.
  • Keep your dog on a leash or leave it at home.
  • Carry Bear Spray with you.

If you encounter a bear

  • STOP! STAY CALM. Your calm behaviour can reassure the bear. Screams or sudden movements may trigger an attack.
  • NEVER RUN - running may cause the bear to pursue you.
  • Pick up small children and stay in a group.
  • Bears may approach or stand on their hind legs to get a better look at you or to pick up your scent. This is their way of identifying you and is not an aggressive response.
  • BE HUMAN. Speak to the bear calmly and firmly. This indicates that you are not a prey animal. Appear passive.

If the bear approaches you

  • Remain calm and prepare to use your bear spray.
  • Assess the bear's behaviour and try to determine why it is approaching.

If the bear appears defensive

  • A defensive bear may be feeding or protecting young or you may simply have surprised it - this is why it is imperative that you shout or sing regularly while on the trail.
  • A defensive bear will appear stressed or agitated and may make noise.
  • Try to appear non-threatening.
  • Talk in a calm voice.
  • Whenever the bear is not advancing, slowly move away without turning your back to the bear.
  • If the bear continues to advance, stand your ground and keep talking. If the bear approaches to within 4 metres (12 feet or about a car length), use your bear spray.  
  • Note that some brands of bear spray can be used at a distance of up to 9 metres (30 feet) depending on wind and weather. Always check the instructions on the bottle.

If the bear does not appear defensive

  • Young bears occasionally test their dominance or are curious. In the rarest of cases, a bear could be predatory.
  • Speak in a firm voice.
  • Move out of the bear's path.
  • If it follows you, stop and stand your ground.
  • Shout and act aggresively.
  • Try to intimidate the bear. Pick up a stick and/or raise hiking poles above your head to appear larger.

If a bear attacks you, it is important to know if the attack is defensive or predatory.

Defensive attacks are the most common.

  • Use your bear spray.
  • If the bear makes contact with you, play dead! Playing dead involves lying on your stomach with your legs spread apart and your hands interlaced behind your neck to protect it. Having your legs spread makes it harder for the bear to roll you over. Remain still until you are sure the bear has left the area.
  • Defensive attacks usually do not exceed two minutes in duration. In most cases, injuries are relatively minor. If an attack lasts longer, it is possible that the defensive attack has become predatory.

Predatory attacks occur when a bear stalks you along a trail and then attacks, or when an attack occurs at night.

  • Try to escape! A car or building may provide safe refuge. Climbing a tree is an option but offers no guarantee of safety. Black bears are excellent climbers and grizzlies have also been known to climb trees. If you choose to climb a tree, get as high up in the tree as you can as quickly as possible. Once you have a safe perch, prepare to use your bear spray.
  • If you cannot escape, DO NOT play dead.
  • Use your bear spray and fight back! Make lots of noise, throw rocks, hit the animal with a branch or your poles - do everything you can to dissuade the bear from continuing the attack.

Are You Interested in Volunteering or Know Someone Who Is?

The Summer Village is looking for Community-minded Volunteers for the following:
1)  Emergency Response Team
2)  Fire Smart Committee
3)  Wildfire Mitigation Committee

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers from entering Alberta
If you are bringing a boat and equipment into Alberta from another province or state, make sure to:
  1. Clean
  2. Drain
  3. Dry

If you are using your boat in a number of different waterbodies, be sure to clean, drain and dry your boat and equipment after you leave each waterbody. This is especially important if you boat outside of the province.

For more information or to report something suspicious on your boat or equipment:

  • Call Toll Free: 1 855 336-2628 (BOAT)
Link to Aquatic Invasive Species Website (click here)

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